Photo by Chelsea Charlie Russel

Does your dog get more stares and uh, catcalls, than you do when you take it out for a walk? Or do you at least think it does? Spend more on doggie grooming products than on your own? Well, the Brooklyn Bridge Park is looking for the cutest dog at their dog runs, and it sounds like you’re ready to enter your pooch.You can’t just submit any old photo though. Since this is meant to promote the park’s two dog runs, you have to take the photo at either the Main Street or Pier 6 dog runs. You also have to be comfortable with people voting on Facebook on your dog’s relative cuteness compared to other dogs, but of course you’re confident it’s gonna wipe the floor with all those other mutts out there. If you win, you and your pal get a $50 gift certificate to doggy hang out spot Wag Club.

So once you’ve snapped the perfect picture of your pooch, send a JPEG of it by January 22 to info (at) under the subject line “Cutest Dog at the Dog Run.” And no begging.

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