Get your own stealth fighter: only $25,000!

Wealth for stealth

Saving $25,000 will get you a lot: a year of college, a downpayment on a house or roughly 35,714 cans of Simpler Times. But screw that because who needs college (or a house) when you have your own stealth fighter? Yes, this life-sized scale model of a “gently used” F-117 Stealth Fighter covered in astroturf was part of a display on Governors Island all summer and now is for sale on Craigslist for the possibly very reasonable price of $25K (or best offer), which covers installation and shipping. The ad says it’s “great for kids, would set up nicely in a backyard or lawn.” Better idea: let’s put some wheels on this and start patrolling the bike lanes. Bring it on, cars.