Deal of the day: Discount sailing lessons

Yarr, 'tis a good, trustful lesson, even if it's discounted

Yarr, ’tis a good, trustful lesson, even if it’s discounted

Ah, the open sea. Nothing but freedom for miles around you. And sharks. And electric eels. And possibly being marooned out there forever. Huh, suddenly we’re terrified of taking a boat out on the water, but if you aren’t, we’ve got great news for you: you can finally check the “Learn to sail” box off your summer checklist, because this Groupon for sailing lessons will have you talking about port and starboard and winches like you know what you’re talking about, in just three hours.

Yes, a three hour sailing lesson is just what you need to shoot to the top of the Sea Captain Date rankings. While on your sailing trip/lesson in the New York Harbor with your trained teacher from Sailors NYC, you’ll learn how to work a winch, trim a sail and even steer the boat yourself. So don’t steer it into a giant garbage barge or even worse, to New Jersey.

For $85, it’s probably pricier than most things you’d learn, but aside from the fact that it’s always good to know how to do another thing in life, being familiar with sailing could be helpful when New York is finally overtaken by rising sea levels, just like the old gypsy woman said it would be.