Find out how many Coney Island rides can you ride without vomiting

A regular all-you-can-ride pass at Coney Island’s Luna Park will usually cost you $44, which is a helluvalot to pay for a guaranteed chance to see your own cotton candy and hot dogs hurled back onto the boardwalk. But the half-price Groupon today is a better deal: $22 for unlimited rides on all 19  attractions on any day after 5/29, plus one ride each for the Steeplechase and Soarin’ Eagle roller coasters, which lets you test your stomach’s endurance for less. But in an apt metaphor for Coney Island/life in general, you still have to pay or the Cyclone.

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  • Bought! Thanks, Brokelyn – that’s such a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon in the summer. The new Screaming Eagle is scary awesome!