You could be making yourself a summer moment by Monday at Selamat Pagi if you pick up a Brooklyn Wine Book this weekend

We’ve been telling you about how awesome our cocktail books and wine books are recently, going over how for just $25 and $20 respectively, you can get bonus drinks at some of the best bars in Brooklyn. There’s no bad way to buy one of the books, which are available now and make wonderful gifts for you or your friend or both of you, but maybe you’re the type of person who hates online shopping because there’s a delay from when you buy your thing to when you have it in your hands. Good news: We’ll be hanging out at two holiday markets this weekend, selling cocktail books and wine books.

First, on Saturday, December 12, you can find us at The Acheron Holiday Bazaar (57 Waterbury Street) between noon and 5pm, hanging with the other vendors selling things like records and knick-knacks. Then on Sunday, December 13, we’ll be at the Threes Brewing Holiday Market (333 Douglass Street), from noon to 6pm, hanging out in their awesome winterized garden. Seeing as how you’ll be surrounded by alcohol there, it makes sense for you to pick up a booze book.


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