05/19/16 3:07pm
Even if you just wave, it makes a difference. Bridle Path Track Club / Flickr

Even if you just wave, it makes a difference. Bridle Path Track Club / Flickr

This Saturday, starting at an ungodly 7am, Brooklyn will be taken over by runners from around the world, runners who I can only imagine must not share my reservations about physical activity or waking up before noon. But with 27,000 participants, the Airbnb Brooklyn Half Marathon is the largest half marathon in the country.

The race starts at the Brooklyn Museum on Eastern Parkway and ends an unconscionable 13.1 miles later in Coney Island. For the participants, New York Road Runners has provided a list of race-day essentials and an overview of the route, including rest stops for bathrooms and water as well as medical aid for any runners having a panic attack after realizing they could have stayed home and slept in. Also, for shin splints.

Now, for those with friends running, there are several ways to show your support both during and after the race. I find that a nice text message is perfectly acceptable amount of congratulations before 8am. However, if you do choose to brave the morning, here’s a handy guide on how and where to support your runner friends — maybe even with a drink in your hand. (more…)

05/06/16 1:00pm
Brooklyn Bridge Park's climbing gym is right under the Manhattan Bridge. Via Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Brooklyn Bridge Park’s climbing gym is right under the Manhattan Bridge. Via Brooklyn Bridge Park.

One of the things your friends who live “elsewhere” in the world will tell you they don’t like about New York is the lack of outdoorsy activities, like we’re all relegated to playing stickball in the streets and running through fire hydrants for fresh air entertainment. They’re wrong of course — camping, beaches and lots of free hikes are just a train ride away. But here’s one outdoorsy activity that you don’t even have to leave Brooklyn for, and it’s got a view even your friends who live in the sticks would be jealous of: The new climbing wall at Brooklyn Bridge Park is now North America’s largest outdoor bouldering facility. It has a soft opening last month but its grand opening this weekend will feature free entries and rentals for all!

It’s tucked under the Manhattan bridge on the banks of the East River, with a view of the glimmering city skyline in the background — a literal million dollar view. And it’s way cheaper than the city’s existing climbing gyms too (a couple even got married there already). (more…)

04/29/16 1:01pm
If the gym fits: reviewing Brooklyn's most popular fitness cults

Do you believe? via PTVLA

Hear that, Brooklyn? It’s the sounds of tulips blooming, birds chirping, ice cream trucks lurching forth from the rat-infested warehouses where they invariably spend their winters. Summer is coming! Oh wait, hear that other thing though? It’s the sound of your jorts’ zipper grinding to a halt at the halfway point. Because if you’re anything like me, this winter has been spent eating cream-based sauces while swaddled in shapeless garments like some kind of dry-skin-plagued ghost of the Barefoot Contessa.

The weather is nice now, and there’s no excuse for continuing to motionlessly haunt our apartments all day. So it’s time to get in shape again! But picking up a new workout regime can be overwhelming, especially in a city where there’s a new dessert-, beverage-, or fitness-related fad every moon cycle. (Speaking of which, have you heard about moon juice? It’s like a green smoothie, but spookier.) Every class or gym seems to come with its own intimidating group of over-zealous followers, which can be a deterrent in its own right. What’s an independent thinker to do?

Here’s our take on exactly how culty some of NYC’s hottest workouts can be, and whether the workout is worth the kool-aid drinking that comes along with it. Pick your poison, and we’ll see you on the other side of that #beachbody.  (more…)

02/26/16 9:52am
Gabrielle Westfield / Brokelyn

Morgan Fitz-Ward eyes the ice at Aviator Sports Center. Gabrielle Westfield/Brokelyn

It amazes me that after everything we’ve managed to accomplish in North America, sports teams are still gendered, and women’s leagues are treated as less-than. I’m grateful to live in Brooklyn, of course, where we recognize women’s sports teams as the bonafide royalty they are. Last year the borough was lucky enough to be graced with another group of queens to cheer for: The New York Riveters, BK’s first professional women’s ice hockey team. As one of just four charter franchises in the newly-formed National Women’s Hockey League, with Rosie the Riveter as their mascot — aka the universal symbol for women who fight the “boys’ club” mentality — these girls are well-positioned to change the way for women’s contact sports.

We spoke to a few of the Riveters at the end of their inaugural season, where they struggled a bit in their first year, finishing fourth in the league with three regulation wins, one overtime win, two overtime losses and 11 regulation losses. They’ve got one final away game Sunday against the Connecticut Whale, but since nobody seems to like the “Brooklynized” Islanders, anyway, we’re formally declaring our allegiance to the Riveters and their home turf at Aviator Sports Center at Floyd Bennet Field. Their presence as a professional women’s team in the borough is important, but it’s also exciting that a generation of young girls are get to grow up with them as role models.

They shared their hockey heroines growing up, their game-day strategies on the ice, and revealed whether they’re planning to try and usurp the throne from the recently-declared Queens of Brooklyn, the Gotham Girls. (more…)

Look at that, even babies are in the club. You gonna be outdone by a baby? via SBRC

Look at that, even babies are in the club. You gonna be outdone by a baby? via SBRC

So you see all these fit people in their tights and shorts running by you every morning and you think to yourself, “Maybe I should try this jogging (pronounced, y-ogging) thing.” The problem is you can’t just take off running down the street like a lunatic. You’ll tire yourself out, for one, and you’ll probably hurt yourself. That’s where the South Brooklyn Running Club and their new Beginners Learn-to-Run class comes in. (more…)

02/01/13 2:00pm
This was almost the sight of the second American Civil War

This was almost the site of the second American Civil War

As you may have gleaned from our Twitter account (follow us!), we took a trip to Barclays earlier this week. Very space age, the food is better than at any arena we’ve ever been to. But it was troubling to see that half of the paying crowd was made up of Heat fans. That kind of thing made sense when the Nets belonged to New Jersey, but where’s your team’s home court advantage Brooklyn? Making the crowd look even less supportive of their hometown squad is this telegram shared by CBS by way of Baseball Prospectus (subscription required) in which the president was told in no uncertain terms to come celebrate the Dodgers making it to the World Series, or else. (more…)

12/27/12 1:30pm
Gotta be in shape to hide all those eggs. via Facebook

Gotta be in shape to hide all those eggs. via Facebook

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…for gym owners. Everyone swears that 2013 will be THE year that they will get into kickass shape. Will they? Or  will they just be in a rush to get rid of what all of the holiday booze and delicious simple carbs did to their waistlines and give up after a month? Either way, gyms love to capitalize on this get-fit phase that always happens at the start of a new year, which can be very good news for us brokesters who normally can’t afford to invest that much in elliptical machines. Here are some more affordable – or at least, more affordable than usual – options for the new year. (more…)

12/11/12 2:56pm

Who run the court? Girls

The Knicks and Nets square off at Barclays again tonight, but unlike their first meeting when both teams couldn’t stop winning, they seem to be moving in opposite directions now. The Knicks dusted themselves off and blew out the defending champion Heat by 20 points and are owners of the best record in the Eastern Conference, while the Nets have turned in a couple of uninpsired performances at home against perennial doormats the Golden State Warriors and team of no note the Milwaukee Bucks. What’s behind the Nets’ malaise, missing their center, Brook Lopez, or missing their secret weapon, Beyonce? (more…)

11/19/12 3:00pm

It’s been a tough season for Gang Green. via FARK

It’s been a tough season for the Jets, from owner Woody Johnson taking a loss in the presidential election to the continued irrelevancy of human meme Tim Tebow to failed media boycotts. Their 4-6 record barely tells the story of the year, not nearly as much as this fact does: tickets to a Thanksgiving game against their arch-rival New England Patriots are selling for as low as $31 on ticket resale websites. (more…)

10/30/12 11:22am

You’ve got a few more hours to make it yours

So you might have heard that the subway is underwater. In that case, how the hell are you supposed to get around? Fortunately, our bike giveaway with Dutch bike-masters VANMOOF is running for a few more hours. And if you’re sitting at home watching Chris Christie shake his fist at the flood, why not try to win the bike? (more…)