Bring the world into focus with this discount eye exam deal

Maybe it's time you got a new pair. via Flickr user Bernt Rostad

Maybe it’s time you got a new pair. via Flickr user Bernt Rostad

Hey, do you have health insurance yet? No? Don’t worry, you’ve still got some time. Of course, even if you ddid grab some Obamacare, you probably don’t have vision included on your plan, so you’re still walking around squinting with that pair of glasses that’s duct taped together and has a four year-old prescription. Hey, buck up, you can get your eyes checked for just $35 with a coupon from Amazon, and even better, you get $200 towards glasses afterwards.

We know, discount medical anything conjures up the image of guys who went to Hollywood Upstairs Medical College, but don’t worry: this deal sends you to Cohen Optical, not some fly-by-night place that might do more hard than good to your eyes. Not only do you get that desperately needed eye exam for $35, but you’ll also have $200 to play around with when looking at Cohen’s selection of glasses. And hell, even if you don’t like anything there and go with say, Warby Parker instead, at least you’ll have an updated prescription, which is the most important step in getting new glasses. Finally, the biggest danger connected to you driving won’t be that you can’t see, but that you insist that knocking back a couple shots first “just gets me warmed up.”