12/06/12 1:00pm

Why pay $2.25 when you can pay $2? via The Rumpus

Brooklynites are a hardy and intuitive bunch who aren’t afraid to jump on an MTA bus, unlike our cousins to the west. We’re also broke, and with new fare hikes on the way it might be time to give that bike some serious consideration. No bike? Don’t fret because a reliable bus alternative has existed in Brooklyn for decades: the dollar van. (more…)

08/10/12 3:26pm
Many battles have been fought over the construction of the Barclays center, but putting it all in the past might be easier if they started sharing some of that big NBA money with you. A “professional sports team” who happen to be associated with the Barclays Center is looking for a video manager with three to five years of video-production experience. If probably wouldn’t hurt if you happen to be the friend of a friend of the second cousin of Jay-Z too. (more…)
12/14/11 11:46am

Screenshot from Vimeo's DSLR tutorial

Some would have you believe that making a film requires a) investors or b) a trust fund. What’s a wannabe Spielberg brokester to do? The funny thing about film is that you could buy a $36,000 camera and still produce utter garbage, so I’m here to crack the myth that capturing amazing video requires a small fortune. DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) cameras are the middle ground between a cheap Blair Witch Project shooter and something high-end, with the cheapest entry costing about $500. With accessories and interchangeable lenses, you could have the whole package for under $1,000. And with plenty of free online tutorials, you could be on your way to earning that money back before you can say “Sundance.” (more…)

12/01/11 4:06pm

Happy Brokesmas! Welcome to our annual 25 under $25 guide of great Brooklyn holiday gifts. We’ll be posting one every day throughout the month so check back often!

Nothing says Brooklyn like indie experimental synth folk rock guitarists/baristas. So what’s the perfect gift for your musically talented loved ones? Harmonicas of course! This Hohner Piedmont Blues seven-harmonica set is a bargain and great for parties. The case alone would be worth the price, but once you add seven brass reed harmonicas that play in seven different keys, it becomes an amazing package. Yank off the price sticker, and they’ll think you’re spoiling them. $24.99, at Guitar Center at Atlantic Terminal.

10/05/11 12:20pm

Are you having trouble getting your job prospects … straight? Looking for a new job without its own don’t ask don’t tell policy? On Thursday, you can be a step closer to your fabulous dream job by attending the Out to Work job fair, the largest LGBT career fair and workshop event in the Northeast, with 23 companies participating. You can expect some of the usual gay friendly go-to companies — Starbucks, Equinox and Whole Foods — as well as a couple companies that make you go “Really??” like Goldman Sachs and even News Corp. The fair is meant to assist a community that can sometimes have extra trouble finding suitable employment. So far, more than 800 people have already pre-registered, and many more expected are expected to show up. (more…)

09/15/11 7:25am

Amy working on her tote bag. Photos by Aulistar Mark.

While sewing has a craftsy, homespun appeal, it’s not as affordable as the Etsy army makes it seem. Before you even jump into the knitting craze (is knitting still trendy?), you can be out hundreds on a machine, classes and fabric, which tends to cost a whole lot more than complete outfits you buy at discount stores. Solving all of these problems is the Brooklyn Sewing Collective, a group for enthusiasts and amateurs alike that meets at Brooklyn LaunchPad on Franklin Avenue in (where is this people: Crown Heights or Prospect Heights?). Sewing can seem like a daunting task for those with a crushing fear of manual labor, but here, machines, instruction and materials are all free and the vibe is chill. Here are five more reasons why we think the collective is great. (more…)

08/10/11 10:03am

Coop photo via Flickr user okk9355

There’s another clothing swap in Brooklyn this weekend, and you know the drill: Bring out your dead … outfits and swap them for new duds. But this time there’s a bonus twist, especially if you have more clothes than money for food right now: You can turn your old duds into delicious summer BBQ this Sunday at the Bushwick Food Coop Clothing Swap BBQ and fundraiser. One bag of clothes gets you free local, organic food at the BBQ, plus entry to the swap, which also includes music, dancing and cooking demonstrations. Even if you don’t have clothes to swap, you can get in for a $5 donation, which benefits the coop. (more…)

08/09/11 7:30am

We'll be brief: buying a 9-pack saves you dough. Photos by Aulistar Mark.

Underwear. All men have been forced to throw a pair in the trash due to the waistband wearing out, holes becoming too big for comfort, or the skid marks too deep for even Oxiclean to get white again. For men with a particularly active crotch lifestyle, you can’t be bothered to go shopping every time a pair goes kaput. The answer: economies of scale! I traveled around Brooklyn on a quest to find a discount underwear goldmine. (more…)