Give photography another shot with ‘$5 Fridays’ photo classes at BKC

Aspire to be better than Scar-Jo's character in Vicky Christina Barcelona

Aspire to be better than Scar-Jo was in Vicky Christina Barcelona

We all at some point have fancied ourselves photographers. Some of us daydream, a friend’s borrowed DSLR in our hands, about how to take our dilettantish habit a step further, but our scheming easily deflates when faced with the steep price of the average photography class, not to mention gear. What if there was a super affordable way to pick up a few pointers? Photography center Brooklyn Central (BKC) in DUMBO is bringing back $5 Fridays, offering classes on a range of different picture-taking techniques for the price of your average happy hour beer.

The classes, which begin as soon as Friday, March 14, run from an hour to 90 minutes and cover topics like composition, color theory, and how to navigate different types of lenses. Most don’t even require you bring your camera, so no shame in applying your new skills to Instagram.