$25-and-under gift No. 14: Doomed Queens

Doomed QueensIf Kris Waldherr runs out of ideas for her next book, here’s one she should write: an artist’s guide to career success. Waldherr has parlayed her considerable illustration talents into a suite of books, iphone apps, card decks, prints and even an art licensing business that she runs out of her bright storefront workspace in Ditmas Park.

Her award-winning 2008 book DOOMED QUEENS: Royal Women Who Met Bad Ends, From Cleopatra to Princess Di (Broadway Books, $16), is a brainy chick gift-closet staple, for teenage Tudors fans on up.

In time for the holidays, Waldherr has just come out with two accompanying card decks. ASK THE QUEENS Advice Cards ($15) offers wisdom from 40 unfortunate female monarchs—from Cleopatra (death by asp) to Anne Boleyn (beheaded). Her DOOMED QUEENS Playing Cards ($12) feature a different female regent on each card except for the kings, who include Henry VIII and Alexander the Great.

Both decks can be purchased from Amazon (go Kris!):



Books and decks are available autographed by Waldherr at her studio-gallery a half block from the Newkirk stop on the B/Q lines. Visit KrisWaldherr.com for directions and hours.