$25-and-under Brooklyn gift #13: pigeon feather in a tube

Picture 9Maybe you know a Brooklynite in absentia (they’ll be back, don’t worry) or maybe you’re a recent arrival yourself and want to show all the folks back home just how ironic and cityslickery you’ve become. Or better still, you know someone whose job it is to concoct kooky moneymaking schemes. In that case, BROOKLYNrehab’s “NYC Souvenir” is perfect inspiration because, well, look at it: it’s a test tube (plastic!), a cork, a piece of cleverly printed oaktag and a damn pigeon feather picked off the cobblestones and it’s selling it for $14. It’s actually pretty cool, but then so is most of the stuff from BROOKLYNrehab’s Alyssa Zygmunt, a fashion designer by day who Etsies at night.

Order a pigeon feather in a test tube here, and if you’re a merchant, local craftsperson or a reader with a great find for this daily post, please send photos and descriptions to faye [at] brokelyn [dot] com. And check the site every day through Christmas for our latest additions.