01/12/17 10:31am
Get on down with Soul Science Lab (#4) (pic by Sindayiganza)

Get on down with Soul Science Lab (#5) (pic by Sindayiganza)

1. Dork out at the Nerd Nite, with lectures on mind-reading, the science of hangovers, and the history of music videos. Come early for trivia before the presentations. (Friday, Littlefield, $10)

2. See some northerly artistry at BarnFest 2017, a showcase of works developed at the Barn Arts Collective in Maine, with 20+ performances throughout the weekend. (Friday through Sunday, Cloud City, $12)

3. Listen to literature in many languages at Us & Them, a writer/translator reading series featuring Bonnie Chau, Elisa Wouk Almino, Jeremy Tiang, and Virginia Konchan. (Friday, Molasses Books, FREE)

4. Hear from smart and funny folks at Pulitzer Surprises, with a slew of comedians including Hasan Minhaj, Eliza Cossio, and Caroline Schaper, plus actual Pulitzer Prize-winner Amy Harmon. (Friday, Union Hall, $6) (more…)

12/01/16 3:25pm
Get your hoilday kicks, en croute, at the 'Shwick.

Get your hoilday kicks, en croute, at the ‘Shwick.

Holidays also mark the peak season of DIY, and people are scouring staples like Etsy and Pinterest to see what they can make, bake, gift or thrift for the upcoming holidays. If you are lacking inspiration needed to get those creative juices flowing, (because hey, aren’t we all) or if you just want a quick one-stop shop for all of your holiday shopping, head to your nearest holiday market.

Oh, what’s that? You need help finding one that close to you? As per usual, we’ve got you covered, with the borough’s finest in local gifts and crafts–enough to make even a scrooge splurge. (more…)

11/17/16 10:07am
Find your turf with the Inclined Dance Project (#4)

Find your turf with Inclined Dance Project (#4)

1. Schmooze, snack, drink, and chat with museum staffers at MoFAD @ Night while you consume their yummy new exhibit, “Chow: Making the Chinese-American Restaurant.” (Friday, Museum of Food & Drink, $20)

2. See some splendid art at the opening of Plus One, where 22 artists were invited to submit a piece of work, and then invite another artist to be their “plus one” and do the same. (Friday, Trestle Gallery, FREE)

3. Get kinky at Helps to Hate You a Little: A Lovestory, a “tragic farce” that incorporates BDSM, shapeshifting, the absurd, mixtapes, and more. (Friday through Sunday, Cloud City, $18)

4. Surround yourself with mad movement at Inclined Dance Project’s TURF, an immersive, work about social and geographical change performed by an all-female ensemble. (Friday & Saturday, Center for Performance Research, $16) (more…)

07/14/16 3:00pm
Frisk around in a park with the Cradle Theatre Company (#1)

Frisk around in the park with the Cradle Theatre Company (#1)

1. Be mischievous at the Cradle Theatre Company’s modern-day retelling of As You Like It. (Friday through Sunday, Prospect Park, FREE)

2. Get campy at Psycho Beach Party, a slasher/1960s comedy mashup full of cool kids, multiple personalities, and murder. (Friday & Saturday, Old Stone House, FREE)

3. Show your love of literature at the Bomb Magazine Issue 136 Launch Party, with art, music, drinks, and dancing. (Friday, Be Electric Studios, FREE) (more…)

03/10/16 1:37pm
Odetta Hartman on the prowl (#1)

Odetta Hartman prowling around (#1)

1. Go on the prowl at Festival of the Hunt, an evening of Americana music & film, with five hours of tunes from the likes of Morgan O’Kane, Feral Foster, and Odetta Hartman. (Friday, Littlefield, $15)

2. Bring plenty of quarters to the Death By Audio Arcade, where indie video games built into 80s arcade cabinets at the venerable DBA (RIP!) will be playable by all. (Friday, Flowers for All Occasions, FREE)

3. Laugh it up while sipping freshly distilled artisanal booze at Crunk City, with jokesters Langston Kerman, Charles Gould, Emily Winter, and more. (Friday, Industry City Distillery, FREE) (more…)

02/11/16 8:18am
Baby Soda Jazz Band is going to rock the Bootlegger's Tea Party (#)

Baby Soda Jazz Band is going to rock the Bootlegger’s Tea Party (#7)

1. No matter your feelings on the loviest holiday, we can all agree: your ex was the worst. Head to Syndicated for an Erase Your Ex Double-Feature of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. (Friday & Saturday, Syndicated, $5)

2. Get fit while finding—or rejecting!—love at Just Friends: The Chillest Valentine’s at a climbing gym, with live music, chocolates, and tandem climbing routes. (Friday, Brooklyn Boulders, $22)

3. Turn the love outward at the Bushwick Love Party, a charity fundraiser and kickin’ dance party with DJ sets by Chew-Fu, DJ Pony, and ILLspokinn. Proceeds go, via the 108 Lives Project, to earthquake sufferers in Phulping, Nepal. (Friday, Fine & Raw, $15) (more…)

01/22/16 3:31pm
Cold nights call for hot ramen at Shalom Japan in Williamsburg. Via FB.

Cold nights call for hot ramen at Shalom Japan in Williamsburg. Via FB.

Winter means cold and snow that transform your neighborhood into Narnia, but there actually is an upside to the season: spicy food. It’s something we enjoy year-round, but it’s especially needed during the winter months. Like cold beer in the summer, a spicy dish can make you forget about the weather outside, while slowly destroying your insides, one delicious gulp at a time. So, if you’re an unlucky soul going out this weekend or anytime during the next few months, we’ve asked some local food experts and people who know Brooklyn for their recommendations of the best spicy food you can find in Brooklyn. Today also just so happens to be the birthday of Wilbur Scoville, the guy who invented the way to measure the hotness of peppers, so go make him proud.  (more…)

01/14/16 5:00pm
So much experimental theater! (#)

Banana Bag & Bodice presents some strong and peculiar women (#4) (pic by Sue Kessler)

1. Booze it up with the Beerded Ladies at a collaborative tap takeover, featuring special brews from Other Half and Tired Hands. (Friday, Covenhoven, FREE)

2. Party with wild arts foundation Bruce High Quality as they open their new digs in Sunset Park with a performance spectacle and dance party with queer collective House of Ladosha. (Friday, Industry City, FREE)

3. Get immersed in the final weekend of The Spinning Wheel, an interactive multimedia gallery show conceived by hip-hop theater artist Baba Israel, director Leo Kay, and musician Yako 440. (Friday, BRIC, $15)

4. The Exponential Festival of experimental theater is on all weekend (and next week too!); highlights include Banana Bag & Bodice’s highly anticipated LongYarn and Jeff Seal’s super silly The Goddamn Truth. (Friday through Sunday, varies) (more…)

06/12/15 8:07am
Ooooh. via NASA Marshall Space Center's Flickr

Ooooh. via NASA Marshall Space Center’s Flickr

1. Take in a ton of Northside music—all the free shows are listed in our badgeless guide to the festival. (All weekend, FREE)

2. Bid a fond farewell to the Old Gem with a performance showcase and group show fundraiser for Arts@Renaissance. (Friday, FREE)

3. Concoct some laughs at the Bitches Brew comedy show, featuring Brandon Scott Wolf, Courtney Fearrington, Rosebud Baker, and more. (Friday, FREE) (more…)

05/14/15 8:46am
Tip the scales in your favor this weekend

Tip the scales in your favor this weekend via Flickr user Edward Dalmulder

1. Drink and dance and sweat like you’re in the tropics without getting a horrific sunburn at Friends and Lovers’ tropical dance party. (Friday)

2. Mad Max: Fury Road is out now, but you can see where it all started at Videology’s screening of the original Mad Max. And even better than a movie theatre, your ticket comes with popcorn and beer. (Friday)

3. Get dressed up real fancy-like for a cause at Vodou Bar’s AIDS Awareness Cocktail Gala. (Friday) (more…)