03/23/11 6:31am

If you’re a Brokelyn reader, there’s a reasonable chance you’re a creative of some type, a freelancer or a DIYer. Go ahead and DIY those sock-monkey dolls, those hand-painted picture frames and ye olde avocado hair mask, but Rus Garofalo of Brass Taxes says the DIY approach doesn’t work too well for taxes.

Rus (above) is a video editor and improvisor in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn who took a day job assisting a tax preparer three years ago during the great freelance slowdown — and discovered more in his day job than he expected.

Since then, he’s made a specialty of doing affordably priced tax preparation (by that we mean $200 ish) for freelancers, artists, and other nice people like Onion writers, Colbert Report producers, crafty Etsy folks, actors, musicians and, yep, Brokelyn contributors. (Three of us, actually.) (more…)

04/09/10 1:12pm

tax_19Let’s see… elaborate April Fool’s day prank involving fake job offer for roommate: check. Annual passive-aggressive spring cleaning e-mail to roommates on the state of the dishes in the sink: check. Last year’s jeans turned into this-year’s cut-offs: check. What else are we forgetting about in Apri… ah gad, taxes! And just one week left!

Have no fear, because you wanna know the big secret about taxes? They’re actually kind of a snap to do by yourself, so long as you don’t have a home, large family or stakes in several multi-national corporations. And there are plenty of places that will help you for free. We talked to a few attorneys and put together some last-minute tax resources to help you and Uncle Sam continue your cease-fire relationship. (more…)