02/13/17 9:35am
Brownstoner Schneps Communications Acquisition Collage

Brooklyn Bridge photo by Mary Hautman

Brokelyn’s got a new sister site: welcome to the network, Brownstoner! Our publisher, family-owned media company Schneps Communications, has officially added Brownstoner to the Schneps network alongside us, The Brooklyn Home Reporter, The Brooklyn Spectator and The Queens Courier.

If you don’t know, Brownstoner was launched in 2004 by Brooklyn Flea founder Jonathan Butler and chronicles change in BK through the lens of real estate. Brownstoner also hosts real estate listings, a community forum for connecting with neighbors, and a directory of home improvement professionals. The also have a boss Insta account. Now you know. (more…)

02/19/16 3:07pm
Change is in the air.

Broke to the future.

Brokelyn was founded in 2009 on the motto “living big on small change.” Well now we’ve got some “big change” to tell you about: Brokelyn has a new owner! We’re now a part of Schneps Communications, an independent family owned media company that publishes several newspapers in South Brooklyn and Queens in addition to the site QNS. It means big changes for Brokelyn down the road, deeper feature stories and more of the same servicey, scrappy, budget living, free-beer-loving tips that you’ve loved for these past seven years. You’ve also got Tim back as editor again, after he returned from three long years toiling away in the salt mines of newspaper journalism (jk it was a great job, but Brokelyn is where his heart and his possibly questionable tattoo choice is). What does this mean for you, the Brokelyn reader? (more…)