03/23/15 11:48am
Even the zebra's on board

Even the zebra’s on board

Back in January we told you about Brooklyn’s new preschool for adults, where people learn to cope with the overwhelming world of grown ups with play-doh and musical chairs for a mere $333. A lot of people were skeptical of a project that encourages people to return to the most self-indulgent points in their lives, especially since millennials don’t have the best reputation when it comes to being coddled. Well hold on to your newspaper hats, world, because one of the teachers at Preschool Mastermind has spoken out against the meanies who have been hating on it since the story went viral. (more…)

01/21/15 4:28pm
preschool mastermind

These are presumably from adults. via Michelle Joni

Perhaps 2014 was a little bit too stressful for you. Perhaps you’ve been disappointed as you struggled to navigate adulthood, constantly set back by various breakups, heartbreaking news stories local and abroad, a lack of anything resembling baller status and one too many goddamn train delays. If this is you, someone is finally giving you the chance to relive your days in preschool, thanks to Preschool Mastermind. And they say millennials are too immature to handle the real world. Wait a second… (more…)