03/29/17 4:04pm
Look familiar? Photo via NYPL

Look familiar? Photo via NYPL

For 150 years, Prospect Park has served as a green haven for Brooklynites, a place to breathe fresh air, cry under a bush, smoke a joint, actually maybe see a star or two, take a long walk, observe non-pigeon/squirrel wildlife and generally get away from it all. If you squint your eyes and look away from the park’s perimeter you can even pretend for a moment that you’re not in the city but in, like, Connecticut, or upstate or somewhere like that, with trees. It’s a blessing and a beauty, Prospect Park, and thank god it was built 150 years ago because there’s no chance the city could or would purchase such a large swathe of land for public space in 2017. (more…)

04/19/10 3:31pm
Roots Cafe

Roots Cafe. Photo by Jennifer Holder.

The great outdoors: leafy trees, blooming flowers, trickling brooks… coffee at a sidewalk café, cheap beer and tacos at a backyard bar. This is Brooklyn, we’re talking about here, land of ball-field taco trucks and water-views from the Fairway café. And of course there’s this dinner view just a notch or two above our price range. But there are still so many other great places to eat outside—to get your sunlight and sustenance in one foul swoop. With a few old faithfuls and some new highlights, here’s our list of affordable outdoor food and drink spots around Brooklyn. As always, please add your own favorite haunts in the comments. (more…)