04/24/14 2:11pm
kristy hurt

Kristy Hurt has done enough interviews to know what you shouldn’t say or do on them

As an executive recruiter in the fashion and retail industry, candidates often ask me for career advice, and I give a lot of it. Everything from how the resume and LinkedIn profile should look to how you should dress for an interview, what to say about your career history and education to how much preparation and research you should do on the company before going in to meet them. But probably not often enough do I tell people what NOT to say or do! Hopefully these tips will help you from making the same mistakes. (more…)

10/22/13 6:31am
Kristy Hurt for Brokelyn

Welcome to the first in our “Ask a Headhunter” interview series, in which we grill recruiters on what it takes to get a real job. Today’s expert is Brooklyn’s own Kristy Hurt, a luxury fashion and retail specialist whose clients include Alexander Wang, Loeffler Randall, Miu Miu and Prada, among others. We asked her to identify entry-level opportunities as well the best longterm gigs other than completing a series of unpaid internships until you’re ready to retire or opening an organic handbag storefront in Bushwick that shutters two short months later, after lots of great parties but only three sales.