01/20/17 3:21pm
Because most of us still fail downward, what's your best story of being called 'unqualified' for a job?

tfw you’re not sure what the job you’re applying for is exactly but your buddy says he’ll get you in.

The most unqualified person ever to be elected president has officially been sworn in and he’s carrying with him into Washington a quiver of cronies. It’s hard to distill a lesson from all this other than failing upwards is becoming the only exercise some Americans get any more. We’ve seen Trump’s nominees flub their interviews, showing up wholly unprepared or revealing they don’t not actually know what the job they’re applying for is, exactly. So let’s take a minute to consider those of us who still fail the regular, downward way, especially when applying for jobs.

The single worst job interview I ever gave started going downhill in a wind tunnel. I was applying for a job at a legal newswire, had aced the first few rounds of the process and was called in for an in-person interview at the Soho office. I was new to the city and with about a month’s rent to my name, so I donned my one good outfit, one of my dad’s old ties, a way-too-shabby corduroy blazer and headed into the city. The February day was brisk and windy, and I hadn’t been able to afford a haircut, so once I stepped out of the subway, I was immediately harassed with the full force of the Broadway wind tunnel that immediately turned my combed hair into an anarchic rat’s nest, all volume and jagged angles, unable to be tamed with hands alone. (more…)

04/23/12 12:26pm

In last night’s episode of Girls, aside from laughably blowing the locations of Weather Up and Washington Commons (both bars are in Prospect Heights, not Cobble Hill), Lena Dunham’s character Hannah blows a job interview in spectacular fashion. She makes a date rape joke. Involving the interviewer. As the date rapist. The rest of the encounter is far too painful to recount here, but it gives us fodder for today’s open thread. What’s the worst job interview you’ve ever been on and why? Did the interviewer creep you out? Did you do or say something stupid? Did you completely whiff an answer and stutter for five minutes trying to make up lost ground? I’ll start. I once said the word bullshit in an interview. Duh.