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Hungry Brooklynites flocked to Industry City on Saturday to revel in the first-ever Dime Best of Brooklyn Food and Beer Festival. The foodie-friendly event – which tastefully showcased the best of the best in both food and drink across – came on the heels the latest installment of the Best of Brooklyn competition, hosted by Brooklyn Media Group, publisher of BrooklynReporter.com, Brokelyn.com, The Home Reporter, Brooklyn Spectator and Spectator News and several other local outlets, and sponsored by Dime Community Bank.

More than 45,000 voters crowned more than 100 winners in categories such as Best Bar, Best Burger, Best Happy Hour and more — check out the full list of winners here! The festival gave foodies the opportunity to see those those winning vendors – and taste their wares – all in one awesome place. Here are some snapshots, courtesy of attendees: (more…)

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Via Brooklyn Brewery Facebook.

Via Brooklyn Brewery Facebook.

The best of all worlds will collide this month as the first ever Best of Brooklyn Food and Beer Festival gears up to take over Industry City on Jan. 28! Brokelyn readers get a special discount, so for just $25 you can enjoy unlimited beer tastings and discover more than 30 of the best restaurants in the borough.

The foodie-friendly event – which will showcase the best of the best in both food and drink – comes on the heels of this year’s Best of Brooklyn competition, hosted by Brooklyn Media Group, publisher of BrooklynReporter.com, Brokelyn, The Home Reporter, Brooklyn Spectator and Spectator News and several other local outlets. 

In the competition, now in its fifth year, more than 45,000 voters crowned more than 100 winners in categories such as Best Bar, Best Burger, Best Happy Hour and more in a borough which is now known worldwide for the quality and originality of its culinary offerings.

Now, you’ll have your chance to see those winning vendors – and taste their wares – in one place, Sunset Park’s Industry City. (more…)

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New York on the screen, on the roof: 3 NYC-centric Rooftop Films to watch this summer

New York Non-Fiction is a night of short documentaries about New Yorkers. image via @rooftopfilms

Watching movies outside in the summer is one of our favorite pastimes at Brokelyn. Rooftop Films, the NYC nonprofit that shows independent films on, you guessed it, rooftops across the city, literally elevates this experience; there’s something about being up high, gazing at the big screen with the backdrop of the big ol’ night sky behind it, that makes you feel, well, star-struck.

While we were browsing the offerings this summer, we noted a few films with a New York bent that we’re curious to check out. (Unfortunately, the showing of Goodnight Brooklyn-The Story of Death by Audio on July 9 is sold out.) New York Non-Fiction (a night of short documentaries), Little Men, and White Girl all feature the city as the setting in vignettes of real-life New Yorkers and fictional tales of gentrification and profligate summers.  (more…)

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Celebrate indepen-dance: The Freedom Party might be the best BK dance party this summer

The new venue, the Landing at Industry City, is a rare chance to dance with all your friends outdoors. Photo by Kenny Rodriguez Photography.

This post sponsored by The Freedom Party.

In the coming days and weeks, lots of dance parties will claim that they are The Party Of The Summer, but we think The Freedom Party sounds like it’s about to take that crown and run. It already won the Village Voice’s “Best Dance Party 2015” title, and, at 13 years old, is the longest running weekly dance party in NYC. Most recently, it called Brooklyn Bowl and Le Poisson Rouge home, but has just relocated on Saturdays to The Landing in Industry City at (638 Second Ave. in Sunset Park, one stop on the D or N from Atlantic to 36th Street, y’all).

When I asked Matt Kelly, who helps organize the parties for City Farm, what made the party so special, he was quick to say, “the space — it’s the size of a city block.”

It’s outdoors, right on the East River (take a break from Gowanus Canal fumes!), so, “you get a nice breeze off the water,” said Kelly, who’s 31 and lives in Bay Ridge. It also means that there is space to dance without elbows in your face and colliding drinks. The decor is fairly minimal, but modern. Wooden tables with red metal chairs and some industrial detailing throughout make for a chill, summery vibe. The people and the music are all the stimulation necessary! Plus, Brokelyn has a code for discounted tickets for you for every party this summer too. (more…)

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Be the one who makes this delicious food at Bar Chuko. via Facebook

Be the one who makes this delicious food at Bar Chuko. via Facebook

It’s almost time for you to sit down at the Thanksgiving table, and your family might want you to bring more than a delicious non-pie dessert from one of Brooklyn’s finest institutions. They’re also going to want to know if you’ve got a good job yet. Fortinately, we’ve got plenty of great jobs for you today, though if we’re being totally honest, the places we’ve got listed probably won’t be doing their hiring by Thanksgiving. Whatever, tell them you’re in the running, fudge the truth a little. (more…)

60,000 square feet goes a long way when all you need is a little corner of it. via Facebook

60,000 square feet at Industry City goes a long way, and all you need to be happy is a little corner of it. via Facebook

As coffee shops lose their luster for the cheaply-minded, ever-Skyping freelancer, coworking spaces are becoming more and more of an attractive long-term option. We want to know that we can go somewhere where there will always be wi-fi, where the coffee and tea is endless if we deem it so, and where no one will bother us if we need to have a quiet e-meeting.

Now, there are a few coworking spaces around Sunset Park, but nothing categorically useful in that neighborhood for laptop users. But soon, that’s going to change: Crain’s New York reports that courtesy of Milk Studios, Sunset Park will be getting a bonafide co-working space of its very own! (more…)


Fortunately, the chocolate doesn’t have the bitter taste of this argument. via Facebook

Brooklyn’s been going through a lot of changes–some cool, some lousy–but we’ve always been able to take comfort in the fact that chocolate will always be there for us, right? But what if chocolate is part of these changes? Et tu, cocoa? That’s apparently what’s been going down in Sunset Park since Li-Lac Chocolates, a 100-year-old New York City chocolate factory, moved in and was accused of gentrifying the place. (more…)

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Pulp: A Film About Life, Death and Supermarkets

Jarvis Cocker will jump for joy if you help out Rooftop Films

Britpop man, us dumb Yanks can’t get enough of it, despite the fact that we rightfully whomped England in the 1780s. Still, here we are years later and Americans still love Pulp. Rooftop Films knew that, which is why they’re showing Pulp concert documentary Pulp: A Film About Life, Death and Supermarkets on Thursday. In fact, people were so into going to this screening that Rooftop Films is gonna need some volunteers to help them run the whole thing and keep Jarvis Cocker happy during it. Oh right, Jarvis Cocker is gonna be there. So, wanna volunteer and help them out? (more…)

sunset park

Go up Sunset Park’s hill a bit and play ball with all the locals, while they still exist. Photo by Dave Rosado

Following through on his campaign promise to do so, Mayor de Blasio is ready to funnel $100 million into some heavy duty development in Sunset Park, planned for the Brooklyn Army Terminal, Industry City and Liberty View Plaza which includes high-budget sequels to DUMBO and the Chelsea Market.

Affectionately known at one point as Gunset Park by those who grew up there (like me), and slapped by those who lived in neighboring sections of Brooklyn with the derogatory moniker Gunset Park, it’s is still a place where you can get some of New York’s best bahn mi and tacos, and where you can enjoy an amazing view of Manhattan from the highest point in Brooklyn, in the actual park itself. Sunset Park is, for now, still known as an affordable place that’s just barely resisted the fast moving gentrification of Murray Hill East, Park Slope and countless other neighborhoods. Now though? It’s on the fast track.

In case you haven’t visited Sunset Park before, might I suggest you do so now, while it’s still in its twilight days? This way, when the transformation to Sunset Park 2.0 is complete and nobody will be able to afford to live there anymore, you can at least say that you saw it before the change over to yet another place people write stupid hacky lazy hipster-related jokes about. Make sure to hit up some of these old local favorites now, before they’re bulldozed to make room for luxury housing. (more…)

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sebastian erraruiz

There are so many dollars in it… via Facebook

1. Garrison Keillor will be at BookCourt to spin some yarns about his life. His real life, not the life of Lake Wobegon, which you’ll remember is fictional (Monday)

2. Charla Lauriston and some other funny friends will be telling jokes at Over the Eight for free, so hey, maybe check that out (Monday)

3. Get three days of science talks at Cantina Royal, and drink while you’re listening to them, at A Pint of Science (Monday – Wednesday) (more…)