04/11/17 9:35am

Eating out while gluten-free is one of the most hellish layers of the Inferno. I know I know, Dante doesn’t mention it a whole lot, but trust me, it’s a special kind of torture. Whether your affliction is an intolerance, a dietary choice or you’re full-blown Celiac, you know what it’s like to go out to dinner and be grateful to find even one gluten-free item on a menu! Don’t you wish you could eat out somewhere and have options, as in, plural, more than one, like, options? Well, you’re in luck: at these Brooklyn eateries, you are Free To Be Gluten-Free.

You may have cut out gluten from your life, but you don’t have to give up having great meals in local restaurants. If you’re tired of being relegated to choosing between iffy french fries and a salad sans croutons, make a special trip to one of these places. Your digestive tract will thank you. Go forth and dine. (more…)