02/17/17 2:35pm

2016 ended its reign of terror by taking one last icon from us: BookCourt, the beloved Cobble Hill bookstore closed its doors after 35 years on New Year’s Eve. But packaged with that gloomy cloud was a tantalizing silver lining: author and former BookCourt employee Emma Straub announced she and her husband would pick up the mantle and open a new bookstore in the neighborhood. And now it’s really happening! Straub posted on Instagram yesterday that the new store, Books Are Magic (aw), will open at 225 Smith St. at the corner of Butler this spring. There’s no official opening date yet but construction is well underway according to Instagram pictures. We’ll keep you updated on an official date when we hear more. (more…)

09/13/11 11:45am

As Glenn will tell you: Our Borders are broken

It must be something about this weekend’s Brooklyn Book Festival (totally free, btw), or maybe it’s just the smell of freshly sharpened school pencils in the air, but we’re all about the books this week. And in a good news/bad news sort of thing, this is the very last week to pick away at the corpse of failed hyper book slinger Borders, which is pushing everything out the door for 70-90 percent off. According to the store’s Facebook, the city’s last remaining one at Columbus Circle will close tomorrow, while a few stragglers in NJ and upstate will go by the end of the week. Columbus Circle is too far for us to find out if they have anything left but lightbulbs and chairs, but maybe there’s a good find in there. Meanwhile, some of our local bookeries are doing quite well.