02/04/16 11:07am
And it sure beats buying a card at Duane Reade. via Facebook

And it sure beats buying a card for bae at the Duane Reade. via Facebook

Well hey, would you look at that? It’s February, and we’re not crying! Well, maybe you are. But thanks to unseasonably warm weather, an entertaining carnival of politicians and the recent blizzard hijinks, the shortest month of the year is feeling breezy and breezing by.

In that brightened spirit, we’re happy to share that it’s time for Greenpointers’ annual Valentine’s Day Market, home to all things love-themed and feel-good! This Sunday, head over to Greenpoint Loft for a budget-friendly day of free activities, delicious treats from local food vendors, and maybe even pick up a special something for a special someone. (more…)

10/22/15 9:42am
Just like this, but everyone will have cardigans on. via Greenpointers

Just like the summer market, but everyone will have cardigans on. via Greenpointers

Nobody wants to think about fall during this precious interruption of summer heat, but there’s no doubt it’s here. We’re all going to hate everything in a week’s time if we don’t start preparing for colder nights and shorter days right now. And just in time to ease the journey, Greenpointers is running one their excellent Fall Markets this Sunday!

On October 25 from 1-7pm, revel in the clove-scented, buttered-rum affair being held at the usual Greenpointers loft (67 West Street). It’s an afternoon of  gift shopping, craft appreciation and fall celebration with tons to sample and enjoy. This year’s theme is “Foliage and Foragers,” so rest assured, there’ll be no shortage of twigs, sprigs and leaf-leaning trinkets around. (more…)