Spring awakening: Ride Brooklyn will get your bike spiffy for the season, for less

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It’s time to get back on your bike

We know, we know, you’re looking at that headline and saying “Spring? The hell you mean spring? Ain’t you seen it’s snowing outside?” First, stop talking like a Teamster, it’s embarassing. Second, while there were some flurries this morning, the sun is out for more time each day, baseball players are in Port St. Lucie in the best shape of their lives and spring is definitely coming. If you’ve been one of those people who’ve been riding in the winter anyway, your bike might need a little love and a good gunk-scraping. No need to do it yourself, not when our pals at Ride Brooklyn have your bike, with a limited number of tune-up discounts for you.

If your bike needs a tune up, and really if you took it out just once in the last month it probably could use a good lubing, snag one of these coupons that will get you a $69.99 tune-up at Ride Brooklyn for just $39.99 instead. This is the full royal treatment, going over the brakes and bearings, making sure your wheels are on straight and everything else that will make sure your bike is a lean, mean riding machine.

If you’re a more serious cyclist, Ride also has coupons that will get you the perfect fit on your bike for either $99 instead of $199 or $200 instead of $350. The $200 coupon comes with futuristic things like video scans and laser alignment, so it sounds like it’s worth it. Don’t think too hard about whether or not you want this though, there are only 100 of these available, so once they’re gone, they’re gone.

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