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Fit for free, one BK gym at a time

picture-263Some of us have adopted a sit-and-fret fitness regimen. If this hasn’t quite worked out for your body mass index, we’ve compiled a list for the ultimate ‘fit’ freeloader: all the free trial passes available at Brooklyn gyms. If you went to every one, you could have 26 straight days of workouts—almost worth it, if not for the weeks of calls, letters and email that would follow from your eight new gyms. Also a seemingly good deal: New York Sports’ Clubs two-week, $19.99 membership, good at the club’s seven Brooklyn locations and only available online.

7-day passes

Gold’s Gym: 85 Livingston St., 718-643-1751; 6161 Strickland Ave., 718-241-2623
Go here to sign up for the pass — first-time visitors only, must be a local resident and at least 18.

Bally’s Total Fitness: 1921 86th St., 718-266-6300; 2032 Coney Island Ave., 718-376-9444; 2163 Tilden Ave., 718-703-6700
Go here to sign up for the pass.

5-day passes

Maxim Health & Fitness: 193 N. 9th St., 718-486-0630
Show up in-person to begin trial — expires August 15th

3-day passes

Harbor Fitness: 9215 4th Ave., 718-238-9400; 191 15th St., 718-965-6200
Go here to sign up for the pass.

1-day passes

Paerdegat Athletic Club: 1500 Paerdegat North, 718-209-1010
Go here to sign up for the pass.

Body Elite: 348 Court St., 718-935-0088
Email [email protected] to receive a guest-pass. All passes must be printed out after received via email. If you don’t have a printer, email first, and then call the gym to arrange to pick up a pass.

Brooklyn Sports Club: 1540 Van Siclen Ave., 718-642-2720
Bring photo-ID to sign up for a guest pass in-person.

Body Reserve: 207 Fifth Ave., 718-789-7009
Go here to print out the guest-pass form. Fill it out and bring it in on the day you want to workout. You must live within two miles of the location.

A few other tips:
-If you plan to take a fitness class, show up at least 30 minutes early so you have enough time to register and listen to the gym’s sales pitch (if you can come up with a line to get out of hearing that, please, pass it along).
-Read all contracts and papers very carefully. The pass is designed to reel you into becoming a member. Make sure that if there is a catch, such as a redeemable one-time fee, that you follow through and redeem it.
– Passes are for consecutive days, so redeem them when you know you have the time to stay the course.


  1. Note: for those of you on a tight budget with an inclination to make a regular habit of exercise (in the same “club”) check out the NYC Parks Department facilities. Annual membership (for all city facilities) is free for children up to 18 years old, $75 for adults 18 – 54 years old, and only $10 for adults 55 years and up. The facility in Flushing (in that other borough) offers an Olympic-sized pool and a separate building nearby with excellent workout equipment.

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