Earn $4.41 per syllable in political haiku contest

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(Image intended as generic representation of Haiku, not as Japanese-language content.)

Who says poetry doesn’t pay? Most poets, probably.

But some lucky wordsmith is going to get a $75 Visa gift card (more than twice the record amount ever paid for a poem) by winning a contest for the best political haiku on the governmentality blog. Blogger Allen McDuffee, a Windsor Terrace resident who spent eight years in DC working for think tanks and political consulting firms, said his contest was inspired by this comment, on a post about Sarah Palin’s healthcare views, from reader Henrietta:

Oh Sarah Palin
I would like to euthanize
You and your baby

That’s not nice, Henrietta! But submissions don’t have to be. They only have to be sent to by August 30. In case you forgot, here’s a refresher on Haiku basics:

  • 3-short lines
  • (17 syllables, 5-7-5)
  • no rhyme or metaphor (so no Nantucket poems, please)
  • 1 “season” word (Haiku is supposed to represent the four seasons)
  • 1 “cutting” word (Er, don’t ask us… try wikipedia)

Find out more about the contest here.

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