Dubious deal of the day: Adopt one kitten, get a second free

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The Groupon revolution has changed the way we do everything, from buying baseball tickets to getting laser eye surgery. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s always appropriate to use daily deal websites to push your offers. Or maybe there are just enough aspiring cat ladies out there to cause this buy (erm, adopt) one, get one free deal deal from the ASPCA make more sense than we realize.

It’s not that we don’t like cats, far from it. It’s just that we can’t imagine someone who’s on the fence about adopting just one cat being suddenly swayed by the idea that they could clean up twice the amount of kitty litter and spend twice as much on food as they normally would have to. And even if this is just some kind of ploy by the ASPCA to artificially lower their kitten backstock, wouldn’t it be better to send you out the door with free kitten toys, immunization shots or sterilization? Frankly this deal, if you can call it that, just raises more questions than it answers.

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  1. I do believe all kittens are fixed and vaccinated before they leave the shelters in NYC. The 2 fer 1 is run by shelters across the country every year during kittens season. 2 kittens are better than one, they have a playmate. You might want to do a bit of research on kittens, shelters and kitten season in general ;)

  2. The ASPCA is a reputable organization, so I don’t find this groupon alarming.

    The adoption fees for kittens ($125) is higher than for adult cats, so it’s a good deal. Plus, kittens are so cute. If you were so inclined, how could you stop at just bringing home one, especially if they are from the same litter?

    If you wanted to adopt two cats, it’d be easier to adopt two kittens from the same litter than to adopt two unrelated adult cats.

  3. Please be aware also that there are people out there who pose as animal lovers and in fact collect pets for labs. So any person or entity adopting out animals should do a thorough check and follow ups with the adoptees, including i.d. It is important to realize in our haste to find “good homes” for animals that we are not blinded by a lack of vetting.

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