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Brooklyn Poetry: Ricardo Thomas Manuel Hernandez, Laura Buccieri, JP Howard

As the editor at Yes Poetry and Brooklyn resident, it’s vital to highlight these poetic voices in order to support literature, activism, and poetic expression.

Here are three of my favorite poems I read recently.

Ricardo Thomas Manuel Hernandez – “Angel of 8320 Bay Parkway’s Roof

“then I ask myself,
how does a rooftop

and I figure
it might be in the
way we don’t hold on
to those that leap off”

Laura Buccieri – “i am totally and completely
some stuff at salvation army”

“never want to
throw away work
no no not mad    i know
it’s four years ahead
of my life
yes sir i believe in life
and my husband
is camera shy
but don’t his suit look real
nice on screen shirt unbuttoned
on account of this heat
this heat yes what have i done
i’ve descended that staircase there
and step step step foot on ground but
my cigarette has gone
out and light light i need the flint so bad”

JP Howard – “praise poets and their pens

“praise bebop and jazz
how my foot taps when i
speak your poems out loud
praise power of music and mama
who played Nancy Wilson all night long,
crying behind a closed door.
praise how i wrote a new poem this week,
while my sick child laid on my lap,
because everyone needs to heal, especially mamas.”

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