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Brooklyn Poetry: Joe Pan, Michael J Seidlinger, Jessica Reidy

As the editor at Yes Poetry and Brooklyn resident, it’s vital to highlight these poetic voices in order to support literature, activism, and poetic expression.

Here are three of my favorite poems I read recently.

Joe Pan – “Hiccup #6

“Two men kissing
among tulips—Midwestern
paparazzi can’t help themselves”

Michael J Seidlinger –  “To Unknown (3)

“Why do I worry if these poems will be published

Do I quantify every single thing I care about

It is true

Every poem is an apology

It is true

Every apology is a poem I have trouble reading aloud”

Jessica Reidy – “In the Oven

“He whispered, I’ll fuck you dead.

His thumbs found my throat

and choked me back into the rainbow.”

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