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Brooklyn Poetry: Jason Koo, Erin Taylor, Stella Wong

As the editor at Yes Poetry and Brooklyn resident, it’s vital to highlight these poetic voices in order to support literature, activism, and poetic expression.

Here are three of my favorite poems I’ve read recently.

Erin Taylor – “Breadcrumb 369

“‘you were not meant to thrive here.’
she told me, as she put out her cigarette.
her teeth are piling in the corner,
they’re yellowed and brown
with nicotine”

Stella Wong – “Oregon 1945

“Air can carry papers
very well. Air can carry air
very well. Imagine now: six souls, unbanded,
rise, rise up and travel in the wind.”

Jason Koo – “Extremely Poor

“he told me that I was on probation for a year,

that if I got another violation it would be recorded
as the second offense, not the first, but that

didn’t stop me from checking my email and Twitter
on my phone on the way home, from texting

Ana that I’d beaten the ticket”

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