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Brooklyn Poetry: Darrel Alejandro Holnes, Nathan McClain, Peter Milne Greiner

As the editor at Yes Poetry and Brooklyn resident, it’s vital to highlight these poetic voices in order to support literature, activism, and poetic expression.

Here are three of my favorite poems I read recently.

Darrel Alejandro Holnes – “Amending Wall

“O, Amerikkka,
If anywhere there are limits are beginnings and ends,
Then Heaven has to be a nothing
Loving a something loving its everything;
Then life, country, and their borders
Ain’t nothing but a thing.”

Nathan McClain – “Love Elegy in the Chinese Garden, with Koi

“Loved something that has washed

its hands of you? I like to think I’m different now,
that I’m enlightened somehow,

but who am I kidding? I know I’m like those koi,
still, with their popping mouths, that would kiss

those hands again if given the chance. So dumb.”

Peter Milne Greiner – “Tristan Da Couch

“I unlay the waste
I uncurve the sun
I set aside for a moment the order of all things
I open the cenotes and close the naked singularities
I swim into every abyss willingly
I close my eyes gently and, living entirely in the present, reflect timelessly on whatevs”

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