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Brooklyn Poetry: Andi Talarico, Katie Longofono, Christine Stoddard

As the editor at Yes Poetry and Brooklyn resident, it’s vital to highlight these poetic voices in order to support literature, activism, and poetic expression.

Here are three of my favorite poems I read recently.

Andi Talarico – “The First Apology

“Wouldn’t, then, apology mean
to be as far away from speech as possible,
something deeply felt but unnameable,
a grief sustained like a miscarriage
of the heart?”

Katie Longofono – “We Speak Only of Butter

“I lost a very smart thing
and nobody noticed. Most days,
it’s a tragedy. If I say my oven is a bomb
will he come cut the wires?”

Christine Stoddard – “Postcards to Heaven

“But I never followed her siren call.
I had no words for Abuela,
at least none suitable for a postcard.

What would I write?

“Querida Abuela, I resent you.
You have robbed too much of
my mother’s love for me.
I wish you were alive so
I would never have to
visit your ugly grave again.”

How do you sign off a postcard like that?”


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