Smile! Free photography workshop in Dumbo

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Make using your fancy camera a piece of cake

If you’ve got a fancy pants modern camera collecting dust on your shelf while you collect vintage-y pictures on your phone, here’s a reason to pull out your actual “camera” again. Thursday, Brooklyn Creative is hosting a free seminar with its top photo instructor, Charles Lavoie, who will walk you through photography basics so you can actually learn to use that hulking piece of machinery . Topcis include basics such as: what’s a DSLR?; Functions and features common to all digital cameras; Controlling exposure; Shutter speed vs. aperture; Your camera’s “film” speed; Focal lengths, and which faux-vintage filter should you use (kidding!). Attendees will also get a discount card for 10 percent off the next class at Brooklyn Creative.

The workshop will be at Rabbithole, 33 Washington St., Dumbo from 7-0pm. Bringing your own camer is strongly encourage, though not required. Classes have a maximum of 18 students and it’s first-come, first-served, so get there when doors open at 6:30!

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