Brokelyn-approved event: mad free music… everywhere!

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Last year's fest, photo by Richard Louissaint.

Is that live opera in Fort Greene Park? Yep, and it’s part of the Make Music New York fest on Sunday, a genius idea: 875 concerts across all five boroughs, by pretty much anyone who wants to join in, from high-school bands to jazz piano legend Randy Weston. And when they say the world is their stage, they mean it—acts are performing on sidewalks, stoops, gardens and maybe even your fire escape. If you come across a band of 40 accordion players at J.J. Byrne Park at 5, it’s just one of the “mass appeal” events, in which large groups of the same instrument are coming together and playing in unison. (Brooklyn gets the aforementioned accordian players and one of the more esoteric groupings: an Umm Kulthum singalong, meeting at Rashid Music Sales, 155 Court St., at 1 p.m.) For other play-alongs and information on how to join, click here.  (A few of our favorite directions: “inquire about the accordian forest,” “walk over with your Glockenspiel, toy versions welcome”, and “bring your bagpipe, no uniform required.”) You don’t have to be an instrumentalist to perform; there’s a mass appeal in Soho done entirely by banging your hands against buildings.

Sunday June 21, 10 a.m.-11 p.m., click here for a complete list of locations and concerts.

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