You can drink like a human being at waterfront concerts this summer

Looking forward to a 64-bit summer!

Behold the new renderings for the Williamsburg waterfront concerts this year, created with the latest in Sims-software. While the new venue (named “Williamsburg Park”) won’t have waterfront views like its predecessor (boo!) it also won’t have a caged off beer area or state troopers walking around harshing your vibe (yay!). That’s good news for those of us who like to get to the shows early enough to get a good spot, but then were forced to give it up when we got the urge to go to the beer corral and drop $6 on a can of beer. BrooklynVegan reports the venue can hold about 7,000 people and will host as many as 20 shows this summer, about 1/3 of which will be free. The venue will offer some food too.

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