You basically never have to pay full price for New York Magazine any more

If you’re still into the whole printed-media thing (we are), it has become apparent lately that the fine New York Magazine never wants you to pay full price for a subscription. For the past two years or so, they’ve been offering a steady stream of half-price subscriptions through daily deals sites (and the occasional free giveaway), which means you can keep re-upping your subscription over and over again for a fraction of the regular cost, which is what this reporter has been doing over and over again. Amazon deals has another one of those half-price offers today, and there will probably be another one in six months or so.

2 Comment

  • At these prices, you can’t afford not to have it lying unread for weeks in your bathroom!

  • I got a year for $5 a couple months ago from Amazon. It’s worth watching for discount deals like this: magazines are desperate enough to keep their circulations up to allow and offer rock-bottom pricing. Watch out for automatic re-subscribes, though.