PS Armory winter special: no $85 signup fee

No frostbite here

If you were holding out hope for an Indian summer to squeeze in those last few outdoor jogs, that hope probably just got swept away in a gust of Canadian air. Well, lucky for your Endorphin-high, the YMCA at the Park Slope Armory (along with the Prospect Park Y) is offering a little help to keep you fit, and your wallet fat. The local YMCAs are waiving their joiner’s fee between Dec. 26 and Jan. 31 for their Winter Membership Special. The deal saves you the Armory’s $85 one-time fee ($75 for students), the $121 for a combo membership (Armory plus Prospect Park) or the $121 for Prospect Park alone. There’s still monthly membership, but it’s these initial costs that really hurt—Armory memberships run just $40 per month for adults, $32 for students and $72 for families. More info on the YMCAs here and here.

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