Would you pay $90 for boxed wine?

Boxed wine: almost as good as unlimited juice.

Isn’t that like asking if you want to buy premium tickets to a bum fight? The Times today is on the tip about boxed wine gaining in stature as an environmentally rad alternative to traditional bottles — even, finally, for Real Wine Snobs. Though an undulant pouch of vino may seem like the lowest class receptacle, the Times reassures that the bag and spout solve a problem of oxidation that vintners have been struggling with for millennia. So naturally, now that the Grey Lady has slapped the bag, you’ll see a run on it at liquor stores. But their best of the box runs up to $90. Yikes! If only there was some scrappy little blog that gave you a rundown of the best $20 boxes. Wait, we’re that blog! Check out our roundup of the real best of the (affordable) box. Wine snobs welcome too.

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