Would you move to Pittsburgh for $100K?

Maybe there's fewer tourists on this bridge?

This beats taking out a loan from mom and dad to relocate I suppose: This offer is only good for folks over 45, but it raises an interesting question: The Steel City is so desperate eager for new residents, it’s offering $100,000 to people who move there to “realize your dream.” The contest is looking for original, creative and passionate dreamers to help reignite the river-loving city’s steel-addled economy and its ample mysteries. Their unemployment rate is consistently below the national average and last time I was there, the pitchers of beer were an insanely cheap $5. But also … there were no bars open on a Sunday afternoon. And it’s way too far from the ocean for your claustrophobic Brokelyn editor. But would you ever leave Brooklyn for another city if the money was right?

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  • It’s actually cool that it’s for people over 45, but I wonder why? Because they have more roots and are therefore more likely to stick around? 

    • Anyone doing this probably wouldn’t have kids, and anyone over 45 is less likely to have kids after relocating.  And kids cost the city money to edumacate.

  • You actually only get $50k – the other $50k goes to a charity of your choice.

    So if I were applying for this, I’d claim that my dream was to start a charity.

  • Hahahaha no bars open on a Sunday afternoon? What neighborhood were you in??? You musta been downtown or somewhere in the burbs.

  • Did my comment from earlier get erased?

  • While Pittsburgh has a thriving younger population that benefits from low unemployment, abundant opportunities for higher education, numerous recreation options, a healthy real estate market and mostly competitive sports franchises, many in the 45+ age range have fled to the suburbs. And Although the State of Pennsylvania has been controlling the sale of liquor for as long as any of the people in that age range have been alive, there are no local ordinances or laws limiting Sunday liquor sales in Pittsburgh. The state allows for bars to operate on Sunday and has recently relaxed restrictions on the sale or beer, wine, and liquor, generally, and on Sunday.

  • If I were older, I would have entered this contest immediately.  My husband is from there, and I love visiting.  Pittsburgh is a FANTASTIC place, and bars actually are open on Sunday.  I mean, it’s a FOOTBALL city, and I promise you verily, Yinzers be drinkin’ on Sundays n’at.  For the non-sports minded, the city has amazing vistas, several fantastic cultural offerings such as symphonies, operas, and museums, and some great universities. 

  • Um, Pittsburgh has the Steelers (and Steeler fans). Might want to reconsider the bars-on-a-Sunday-afternoon part.

  • All the bars here in Pittsburgh are open on sundays, and usually packed. sorry you must have gotten one where the owners were on vacation (also, some bars close on holidays to give their staff a break.) On a contrary note, i love living here so much, you couldn’t pay me 100,000 to move anywhere else in the US. double or triple that figure, then i’ll reconsider.

  • you have to get back to pittsburgh, its amazingly different than you are describing here. come see for yourself!

  • My boyfriend’s sister and a high school friend live in the area, but alas I am ten years too young to qualify; LOL.