Everyday I’m guzzlin': Volunteer for free wine

Wine? Riot!

Here’s a volunteer opportunity to tickle your mouthfeel: Second Glass — a wino-pedia of events, reviews, tastings and all things related to the grape —is giving free entry to its upcoming Wine Riot at Skylight One Hanson for people who help out behind the scenes. If you volunteer on Saturday night, you get to attend one of the other two sessions earlier that day for free (tickets are usually $50). The Wine Riot is a big ol’ tasting party featuring more than 250 wines from around the world and 20-minute crash courses with wine experts, all designed to “make wine tasting unpretentious;” as in, there’s a DJ, a goofy photobooth and it’s taking place at the same venue in which Rick Ross hustled last week. Apply to volunteer here.

One Comment

  • We heard about Wine Riot and it sounds like an amazing event. Kudos to the perks of volunteering. We have found in the past that if you offer a great incentive to volunteers, the more likely people will pitch in and help. Wine is certainly a great incentive!