The Rockaways have been good to all of us here in Brooklyn, to the point that it’s easy to forget that they’re actually part of Queens. One of the companies that the Rockaways have been so good to is Roberta’s, who opened up surf shack Ripper’s with the Meat Hook last year. Now that the Rockaways look like something out of Katrina, Roberta’s is helping out the best way they know how: with pizza and beer.

This Friday, Roberta’s is opening up their backyard garden to anyone who buys a $30 ticket to come and eat pizza and drink beer from 7pm to 10pm. There’s a also a raffle, for $10 a ticket. You can even buy raffle tickets online, if you can’t make it out to Bushwick in person. And while details are short on the prizes right now, the grand prize might be one of the most sought after in Brooklyn: dinner for two at Blanca. Given that at the moment, calling Blanca for a reservation just gets you a recording of Sweet Clyde laughing at you, ten dollars a ticket to win dinner there seems like a pretty good deal. Hell, considering dinner there costs $180 bucks at a minimum, if you bought ten raffle tickets and won, you’d still be coming out ahead.

Roberta’s Rockaway Relief Pizza Party, Friday November 16, 7pm, 261 Moore Street, Bushwick, $30

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