Wednesday: Fight for your right to have Williamsburg Waterfront concerts

Chromeo on the waterfront in 2010. Photo by Flickr's Guy Eppel.

Too lazy or ideologically opposed to join Occupy Wall Street? Don’t fret, you can get your screaming-friendly politics in without leaving Brooklyn at tomorrow’s Community Board 1 meeting. Free music lovers take note: Open Space Alliance director Stephanie Thayer will take the podium to make a statement on the future of the beloved-by-some, hated-by-others East River Park concerts. And then there’s the public hearing part, which is where you get your say. The meeting starts at 6:30 you have to sign up by 6:15 to speak. Judging by the last public meeting OSA attended, there’s going to be plenty of bitching about barely connected issues from people who say they “like music” but also think East River Park belongs solely to those who live in a two-block radius. Be prepared to get shouted down as a fraud if you don’t live on North 7th and Wythe. The meeting is being held at — seriously — the Swinging Sixties Senior Center at 211 Ainslie St.