Williamsburg waterfront concerts get another new home

Google street view, via FW.

Take a look at this picture and imagine standing here in a long, winding line under the hot summer sun waiting to hear some waterfront jams (can’t wait. Not sarcasm!). FreeWilliamsburg reports today that this industrial plot at 50 Kent Ave. is the new home for your annual Williamsburg waterfront concert series, just down the street from the previous venue, East River Park. Oh how far the Open Space Alliance has traveled since those heydays at the McCarren Pool. We’re still a ways off from hearing the schedule for the summer, which typically includes a bevy of awesome free shows, but FW says the season will begin June 1 (click through for more info on the call for proposals to fix up the site). In other news, the Open Space Alliance checked in on the re-construction of McCarren Pool and says it’s 79 percent complete and will be ready for this summer’s swimming season, including a snack shop, a rooftop cafe and a rec center for concerts and events. Hm … concerts, you say?