Will you miss Daffy’s when it closes?

Daffy’s is a goner. Photo courtesy of DK Holland.

Here’s the reaction from the various corners of Team Brokelyn after the news broke this week that the discount retailer is closing all 19 New York City stores:

• “NOOOOO! That place was the shit. Too soon after Filene’s.” — Rachel Eve S.

•  “Oh god. Betsey Johnson. Built by Wendy too. Argh, what’s next? Nobody better touch DSW.” — Marti

• “I will go clinically insane if anybody even tries to shut down Marshall’s or TJ Maxx.” — Rachel D.

• “My mother will as well. In retrospect, the last five years have been disappointing.” — Sarah G.

• “Well, that will be a big sale!” — Meredith

• “I don’t even know what Daffy’s is.” — Kate

I for one will miss their tights and kids’ shoes. Beyond that, I stopped in often but rarely scored. And the lines were ridiculous, almost always. So where did/does Daffy’s rate in your personal discount store cosmology, vis a vis Century 21-Loehmann’s-TJ Maxx-Marshall’s? Do you shop there? What was your biggest score? And will you guys please check out Fox’s in Midwood someday? Seriously.

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  • Awesome, hopefully it will take that HORRIBLE advertising with it… it only succeeds in making me hungry on the subway.

  • I wonder what will take its place in Atlantic Center?

    I am sad that Daffy’s is closing on the matter of principle.

    • I agree. At least we still have DSW and Mandee in Atlantic Center. Mandee is a great secret fashion shopping place of mine, you just have to be able to stomach the bad music they play. I’ve found a lot of dresses there.

  • Eh. I wonder what will go in and replace the daffy’s in Atlantic Terminal.

    I’ll put a dollar on “Net’s Team Shop”

  • Loehmann’s rules all. Especially the ones outside the city. Although that being said, I found a killer Michael Kors leather jacket (usually upwards of $400) for $150 at a Marshall’s in Long Island, my best find ever!

  • Hoping for Century 21!

  • I miss daffy’s so much. and i am saddened it is closed.