Wife Up! BK author will gives you a game plan to get hitched

Joe Adago: He's not only the president, he's a member. via PR Web

Joe Adago: He’s not only the president, he’s a member. via PR Web

Dudes of Brooklyn: are you tired of meaningless, emotionally vacuous  sex with a variety of willing partners? Oh, no, you’re not? Well…what about the ones among you who aren’t getting to play sexy merry-go-round? Tired of your loneliness? OK good, now we’re getting somewhere. Brooklyn author Joseph Adago was once just like you: constantly going on Match.com dates that led nowhere, shy and awkward around women and facing the prospect of dying alone. But then he applied real estate principles he learned in his job as a broker to his dating life, found a  wife and wrote a book about how you can do the same thing too.The book is called The Program: Master the Art of Dating and Attracting Women in Six Weeks. Sure that sounds exactly like any get-rich-quick real estate guide that you find in a pile of books on someone’s stoop except that it strikes at a much more emotionally vulnerable spot than a desire for money. And yes, the book details how to woo women with an internet profile, which brings to mind this old chestnut.

But Adago also has some practical advice, like don’t be a self-deprecating doofus and dress better. Of course, to get all of this to work, Adago studied author guys’ profiles, went on 80 dates through Match.com and would carefully take note of the results, which eventually led to him meeting, dating and marrying his wife.

So is this the book for you? If your parents have given up on the idea of grandchildren and just sigh quietly whenever they give you the news of someone you knew in high school having twins, then we guess it couldn’t hurt to check this one out of your local library. But if you do, take some unsolicited advice from your pals at Brokelyn and hide it somewhere before you bring someone home.

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  • Wait, wait, wait. People my age are having casual sex? When the hell did this start happening?