Whole Foods has some locally-sourced job openings available

whole foods coffee

You could be this guy guarding the coffee machine. Photo by Melissa Kravitz

The new Whole Foods has brought plenty more organic quinoa pasta to Gowanus, but they also brought something else we all want (or more realistically, need): jobs. Whether you’re passionate about ham hocks or floral arrangements, the mega-supermarket has tons of openings with benefits including health plan coverage, 401k plan, a 20% discount at Whole Foods, and probably abundant cheese samples.

Every department in the store needs some help, from their health and beauty section to their bakery, the meats to the flowers. We’re not sure what the hierarchy of cool is when it comes to Whole Foods jobs, so maybe talk to a couple of employees about which jobs are at the top of the pyramid at this grocery kingdom.

Note: Whole Foods states that the jobs will include environmental exposure to extreme temperatures (coolers, ovens, freezer, outdoors, etc.), and even if you’re freezing/burning, you must greet all customers with a smile, while maintaining Whole Foods’ “core values.” Which can be harder than you think.