Where to eat while light-gazing in Dyker Heights?

Photo by Wally Gobetz

Photo by Wally Gobetz

You should never enter a jungle without proper provisions. The same goes for an evening of hardcore gawking in Dyker Heights. Every year, the neighborhood mansions get majorly decked out with gigantic inflatable snowmen, motorized reindeer displays and enough colorful wattage for some small Christian countries. The displays are a bona fide Brooklyn attraction, but if you’re traveling all the way out there (no offense, Dyker Heights-ers) you’ll need some fuel.

A few friends made the hike last Friday and their experience wasn’t encouraging. Their plan was to land at Gianni’s Focacceria, which seems to be closed. The hot chocolate and popcorn vendors they read about weren’t there either, so they hoofed it to Bay Ridge. Barry at Chowhound recommends Karam (8519 Fourth Ave. at 86th St., 718-745-5227), but that looks more like Bay Ridge to us. Tommaso’s, though, Barry’s other suggestion, is much closer by (1464 86th St. at Bay 8th., 718-236-9883) and it looks like a grand time, with fine wines, opera singing and maybe even Christmas specials. Any other suggestions? Don’t leave us in the lit-up jungle with cold toes and a motorized Jesus. Each helpful commenter gets a free Christmas wish.

Dyker Heights goes from 11th Avenue to 13th Avenue and from 83rd to 86th streets. Take the D/M trains to 18th Avenue or the R train to 86th Street.

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