Where to throw a dance party in Brooklyn for under $300?

A Target Fisrt Saturday at the Brooklyn Museum?

A Target First Saturday at the Brooklyn Museum?

Every now and again, we’re asked to pool our collective BK wisdom and help out a Brokelynite in need. Brokelyn fan Warren wrote us this week asking where to throw a birthday party on the cheap. His requirements: a dance floor and room enough for 25 to 30 people. So far, Warren’s been quoted $300 or more everywhere he looks, so that’s the number to beat. Our thought? Go with the flow, and bring the gang to a free DJ’d event at a big space: DJ Lady Bird‘s playing The Bell House front lounge next Thurs. Where else for Warren’s bash?

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  • Check out Launch Pad on Franklin Avenue and Park Place. Set up your own DJ friend or get a mix for your laptop and dance the night away for a LOT less than that!

  • Simple as pie. Go to or call Legion on the Graham Ave stop. Say hi there, I’d like to have my birthday party here please. They’ve got a back room they use for private parties and events that can hold 70+ people easily. It’s free! They’ll provide a DJ or you can bring your own. Also you’ll get a bottle of free (cheap!) champagne if you do bring a crowd. I’ve, and friends of mine have, had parties there. Good crowd, always a dance party going on, great DJ’s and cheap drinks.

  • NIGHT OWL!!!

  • When is he looking for? I’m throwing a free event at Littlefield 7/17 from 11-close. 80s/modern dance music and it is big…

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