What would you name Brooklyn Bridge Park?

In the grand tradition of Citi Field, Staples Center and Doritos Hail to the Cheese Colbert Report campaign, Brooklyn Bridge Park could soon have a corporate name. The gorgeous park — home to free movies, yoga classes, kayak outings and general good times — may sell naming rights to cover the estimated $16 million annual upkeep, reports NY1. The 85-acre park would be the first time even part of a New York City park carried a sponsor’s name (the idea came from Chicago’s Millennium Park, where sponsors pick up half the cost). Other options being considered to pick up the tab include building more high-rise condos. So we wondered: what name would you want to see on Brooklyn’s showpiece park? Some of our suggestions below:

The Brooklyn Brewery Hey At Least It’s Not Budweiser Bridge Park
The Grimaldi’s Place to Eat When You Call in A Take Out Order and Skip the Line Park
American Apparel presents: A Park, or Whatever
Barclay’s Brooklyn Bridge Park and Hip Hop Thunderdome
The Meat Hook presents Brooklyn Bridge Pork
Four Loko Field
Trader Joe’s Picnic Snacketorium

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