What goes with jorts? How to assemble a winning outfit for the Summer Camp party

Summer camp fashion icons.

At ease, campers: time for your uniform check. Our big party is tomorrow and it’s imperative you use our checklist to help make the most out of summer camp. Why? Because your outfit might afford you some free drinks and prizes  (good ones too)from the summer camp style council. We want to see your pasty legs. We want to see your badges of honor. We want to see you there, happy, drinking, and winning shit from our raffle. And most of all, we want to see your jorts.

If you’re still stuck for an outfit, our friends at Dusty Rose Vintage will be at the party selling counselor-approved shirts, shorts and accessories.


Ringer t-shirts

Baseball shirts

Thin, soft cottony tees

Tank tops

VESTS: girl/boy scout vests, denim vests, all the vests

Dirty old duds you don’t mind spilling bug juice or smores goo on



Short shorts

Cutoff short shorts (like see-your-junk short)

Rolled-up shorts

Bathing suit bottoms

Skorts (girl scout style)

Look at those sweet socks!




Old-school hi-tops

Reebok Pumps

Flip flops


Big ol’ tube socks

Barefoot (not recommended)


Friendship bracelets

Braids and flowers in your hair




Fanny packs



First aid kits

Whistle necklace

Zinc (color blocked, on your face)


Patterns, Materials and Everything Else

Army prints and garb

Sports equipment


Make-out clothing

Really dirty old everything

Bonus points

Fishing/ bug catching nets

Canoe/Kayak paddles

Camp Anawana gear

Pet tarantula

Anyone who dresses like Cure Girl

The Brokelyn Summer Camp party is Thursday, June 28 at Crown Victoria in Williamsburg – 7pm, $3 cover.

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  • Jerseys of middlingly talented or hilarious basketball players. Always and forever.

  • I quite possibly don’t think I’ve been in such deep debate of what to wear to a party since prom. Head-to-toe neon? Denim? High-tops or chucks? Hippie or sporty look? Is this how the Spice Girls started their image?
    Anyways.. its awesome.