What’s the most romantic place in BK?

Brooklyn bridge romanceWith everyone’s most and least favorite Hallmark holiday a mere 42 days away, love is practically almost in the air. As we begin to figure out how to shower our loved ones (or ourselves…for the perpetually alone like myself) with gifts and affection, Team Brokelyn is looking for suggestions for the most romantic places in our favorite borough. It can be anything from a candlelight neighborhood haunt to a special place that inspires chaste hand holding or semi-inappropriate PDA sessions; anywhere you deem perfect for a romantic day or night out. Brunch spots, spas, restaurants, theaters, music venues… let ’em rip, No need to worry about anything budget-related either; we’ll be taking care of that. Just fire away in the comments!

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  • My girlfriend and I have spent one Valentine’s day and two New Years dining at Moutarde on 5th ave. Good food, good atmosphere. A win, for sure.

  • Vinegar Hill House, especially the backyard in warmer weather.

  • It’s a post like this that makes me realize how few dates I’ve been on in the past two years. But… I think the comedy shows at Bell House are a pretty great time for couples. Wait, do girls not like comedy??

  • Went to second base behind the tower on the Pulaski Bridge walkway.

  • The pier at Louis Valentino Jr. Park in Red Hook at sunset is quiet, secluded, and has stunning views. Perfect for a picnic.

    For entertainment, one of the free gypsy jazz shows at Barbes by Stefan Wrembell (they do ask for a voluntary contribution of $10, but will appreciate what you can give).

    For dinner under $50: Kaz An Nou in Prospect Heights. Adorable place, great food, byo wine.

  • Miriam on 5th Ave in Brooklyn — outstanding food, great atmosphere, great time.

  • Black Mountain Wine House in CG

  • get a table in the basement at convivium on 5th: very little foot traffic for more of a quiet setting plus no windows makes for an out-of-brooklyn brooklyn dining experience

  • Let’s keep it close to home…

    -A couple of slices of pie & coffee (or maybe root beer floats!) at the always charming Blue Stove on Graham Ave at Withers. In case the ambiance of the place isn’t charming enough, the bandana’d babes staffing the place are devastatingly darling. The toothsome treats they’re peddling will knock the socks off your date… more if you’re lucky.

    -Consider drinks at the Richardson, right down the block on Graham Ave at Richardson St. If the dim lights, dark wood and chandelier of this speakeasy-style anti-dive don’t seal the deal for you, you might be a lost cause. While this place doesn’t figure into the typical Brokelyn budget, you get what you pay for, and the masterfully crafted cocktails here always pack a punch.

    more to come…

  • The Castello Plan on Cortelyou Road…wonderful atmosphere, amazing food and wine, and a knowledgable and friendly staff.

  • There’s a park at the end of Grand Street on the East River that is the best place to sit and take in the view from Manhattan. You can see all three bridges and the lights of the city lit up. There are benches and rocks to sit on and it’s always open, unlike East River State Park, which shuts at sundown.

  • 2 kayaks (or a double kayak) off the Red Hook pier. Dinner in the back at the Good Fork.
    Kaz an Nou is a good second, though.

  • Not terribly original or budget friendly, but I will always love the River Cafe for old school romance and a wonderful view.

  • Staten Island ferry on a moonlit night. The price is right-free. You can get a couple of beers and kiss away.

  • In Williamsburg I like Pinkerton for wine, Huckleberry for cocktails, Moto for dinner…

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    Glowing Results of NY spa!!!! The most amazing little hidden gem in Park Slope! There’s nothing more romantic to me than being pampered. Check out the website link & book an appointment~

  • I second black mountain winehouse in park slope/ gowanus. Esp for a cold, wintry night…le sigh!